BLS Certification

BLS certification is an important credential to have for most people in the medical field. Regardless of what your job profile is, there are always instances when this skill could be called upon. For some professions like the paramedics, BLS certification is mandatory. While medical professionals may use this more often, nothing prevents common man from taking this certification.

BLS is a combination of techniques that are used to help patients in critical life threatening situations before the medics come to take them to the office. Some of the common problems tackled by BLS trainees include cardiac arrest, choking and drowning.  Even people who fall unconscious can be treated by BLS certified professional.

In the US, the BLS training is given by American Red Cross Society and American Heart Association. Both these organizations have a long list of centers that can train people on BLS techniques and certify them. This certification is generally administered by community colleges, universities and even hospitals. Depending on which institution offers the certification the fees for the training and the examination will vary. To get a certification, you must research all the institutions that offer this course in and around your locality. If you are already a medical professional, your employer may sponsor this in the hospital itself.

The BLS course typically covers a whole list of techniques to help save people. The most common technique trained is the CPR or Cardio pulmonary resuscitation. The course not only teaches the CRP techniques but also dwells into how to apply the techniques depending on the situation. Sometimes you may have to support an adult while other times it would be a child of even an infant. While the basic technique is the same, you need to be able to make adjustments depending on the patient.

Beside the CPR, this course also trains the students on reviving a drowning person. Another important technique is assessing an unconscious person. Studying the breathing patterns and other details to ensure that the breathing tract is not blocked, checking for pulse, heart beats, etc. It also teaches how to position the head and the legs and body to ensure minimum damage is done to the person while they are unconscious.

Popular jobs related to this certification include Registered Nurse, Licensed Practical Nurse, Certified Nurse Assistant, Charge Nurse, Respiratory Therapist, Emergency Room Registered Nurse and Licensed Vocational Nurse.

To get the certificate you need to pass the examination. Typically this is done in two parts: the first part is the written exam which tests your theoretical skills. The other is a practical exam where you need to demonstrate your skills on a mannequin based on the situation described by the coach. Once you pass the exam, you are certified BLS professional.

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